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In a unique partnership, originations from across Europe have joined forces to strengthen the protection of public spaces by preventing terrorist attacks and violent crimes and mitigating their impacts.

Receiving funding from the European Union’s Internal Security Fund, the 2-year PRECRISIS (PRotECting public spaces thRough Integrated Smarter Innovative Security) project will promote integrated smarter innovative security through the empowerment of law enforcement authorities, first responders, local managers of public spaces and related security stakeholders, enhancing public-private cooperation.

PRECRISIS will develop, test, and roll out innovative, sustainable, and effective AI-based digital solutions and practical toolkits, in full compliance with ethical standards and related legislation on the protection of personal data, by integrating existing expertise, best practices and privacy-by-design approaches to make public spaces more secure.

PRECRISIS will be delivered by a multi-disciplinary consortium of 9 partners representing 7 EU member states, with a broad EU perspective.

Andrew Staniforth, Project Coordinator of the PRECRISIS project and Director of Innovation at SAHER (Europe) states: “The consortium of partners progressing the PRECRISIS project combine a rich and diverse mix of expertise across the public space protective security landscape. We are delighted that this project brings together an outstanding and internationally recognised team to deliver significant improvements to the protection of public spaces across Europe.”

“EI is enthusiastic to participate in a project of such social importance. We are motivated to lead the process of pilot planning, validation, and evaluation of the PRECRISIS platform and thus to give our contribution to a more efficient, advanced, and better adapted to the needs of security practitioners digital solutions”, Borislav Mavrov EI’s Programme Director and WP4&7 coordinator concluded.

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