PRECRISIS Attended the Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network (CTPN) Conference in London

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On 13-15 March 2024, PRECRISIS Project representatives attended the annual conference of the Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network (CTPN) in London.

As an international collaboration, currently funded by the City of Stockholm in partnership with London and Washington D.C. and located within the London Mayor’s Office, the CTPN aligns with strategies at all levels and follows the position of the European Commission Counter Terrorism Agenda 2020 which encouraged strategic dialogue between cities, also highlighting cities as the backbone of urban security.

The CTPN event allowed for the exchange of learning and practices, develop connections, and inform approaches to counter terrorism preparedness, resilience, and consequence management. The event consisted of a face-to-face board meeting, a high-level conference and networking dinner, as well as a strategic table-top exercise. “PRECRISIS was thrilled to attend this conference – CTPN is a solid network, adding value to all in authority, engaged in counterterrorism and the protection of public spaces”, Andrew Staniforth, Project Coordinator of PRECRISIS, commented.

In line with CTPN objectives, PRECRISIS is promoting an integrated smarter innovative security approach through the empowerment of law enforcement authorities, first responders, local managers of public spaces and related security stakeholders, enhancing public-private cooperation.

With the support of CTPN members’ expertise, PRECRISIS will be able enhance the delivery of the essential components for key stakeholders, providing the next generation of practical security tools to better protect urban environments from persistent hostile threat vectors.

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