PRECRISIS Participated in a Conference on Home Affairs Funds’ Priorities

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On 25 June 2024, the European Commission’s DG Migration and Home Affairs organised an international conference on the priorities of the EU’s home affairs funds.

Acting Director-General of DG HOME, Beate Gminder, opened the conference. This event came timely as the EU is now in the middle of the 7-year financial cycle. The Commission and EU countries are evaluating which initiative to support in the next two and a half years. For 2025, the EC is proposing to invest approximately 3.5 billion EUR in home affairs actions under AMIF, BMVI and ISF funds.

The entire community of beneficiaries of DG HOME funds in the fields of migration, border management and security was in attendance, including the PRECRISIS project. Consortium representatives from EI, SAHER (EUROPE), HFOeD and FBK had the opportunity to network and share good practices in several workshops which will help the project deliver more impactful results.

During workshops and policy-oriented sessions, coordinators of the EU-funded projects learned about the Commission’s plans for funding in the next years and how to deliver better results. Among the topics that conference participants discussed was the implications of the EU’s AI Act for the home affairs-funded actions. Participants joined breakout sessions to learn how to find new partners, align with national funding programmes or communicate with impact.

This event was an excellent opportunity for networking and for presenting our projects, our experiences, and the common challenges we are facing,” Borislav Mavrov from EI commented.

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