PRECRISIS Will Host an International Seminar on Protecting Public Spaces

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A seminar, entitled “Protecting Public Spaces – Innovation Challenges and Priorities”, will take place in Sofia/Bulgaria on April 23, 2024 in the context of the PRECRISIS Project, supported through the European Union’s Internal Security Fund (ISF).

The event, hosted by the European Institute Foundation (EI), will gather multidisciplinary organisations from across Europe to discuss challenges and priorities in protecting public spaces. With more than ten major EU research and innovation initiatives invited to Sofia to share their perspective, the seminar will tackle three thematic areas:

  1. Assessing Terrorist Threat Vectors to Public Spaces;
  2. Artificial Intelligence Challenges and Priorities for Security; and
  3. Conducting Pilot Testing of New Technologies in Public Spaces.

Senior Bulgarian officials on the national and municipal levels will participate in the opening of the event, along with PRECRISIS Project Coordinator Andrew Staniforth from SAHER (Europe).

The keynote speech on counter-terror preparedness for urban environments will be delivered by Alex Townsend-Drake from the Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network (CTPN).

Panellists and participants will include representatives of the following projects: DroneWise, GEMS, GATHERINGS, CounteR, ALLIES, PROTECTOR, APPRAISE, and others.

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