PRECRISIS Will Interact with Sibling EU Projects in November in Poland

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SAHER (Europe), the coordinator of the PRECRISIS Project, will represent the consortium to a conference in Poland in November, organized by the sibling project PRoSPeReS – Protection System for large gatherings of people in Religious Sites, funded through the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police.

This conference will bring together other EU funded innovation security projects examining ways in which to better protect public spaces and places of worship. SAHER, which also coordinates the PROTECTOR Project – protecting places of worship project, will be sharing project outcomes at the event and will interact with colleagues from across the ecosystem.

PRoSPeReS develops a comprehensive protection system which covers a variety of measures targeting an increased prevention, protection and deterrence of terrorist and CBRN related threats. The prevention measures will consist of a set of tailor-made templates, tools, procedures, equipment, improvements in infrastructure reflecting the “security by design” paradigm of European policy making.

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